Abstract submission

You are kindly invited to submit a 1-page contribution to CLEAR summer school. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee which will decide on the acceptance as poster communication.

Please download the abstract submission template by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. You are kindly asked not to modify the 1-page abstract layout (columns, page format A4), character dimensions or fonts. Abstracts must be submitted in Microsoft Word (or rtf) format. RENAME the file using the AUTHOR'S LAST NAME_abstract (e.g. Heracleous_abstract.doc) and then e-mail as a Word attachment to eheracle@cperi.certh.gr.

Participants should also submit scientific challenges faced in the course of their research. Six interactive 2-hour workshops, in the form of roundtable discussions with a small group of ~ 20 participants and coordinated by an invited speaker, will run throughout the week.

In order to attend the roundtable discussions, participants should indicate the specific topic that they are interested in and submit scientific challenges/problems/questions that they meet in the course of their research. The scientific committee will evaluate and select the most interesting issues among the submitted questions.

Round table subjects are:

1. Catalytic materials for Environmental Applications

2. Biomass Conversion Technologies

3. Hydrogen Production

4. Electrochemistry

5. Catalytic Reaction Engineering

6. Homogeneous Catalysis

Submission of Abstracts and Round Table Questions is now CLOSED! 

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